Life More Perfect


Sometimes, whilst schlepping home on the tube, I drift into daydream and fantasise of a life more perfect. A life in which, relievedly, I’m not rattling around the underworld of our ‘Great Wen’ with my nose pressed into the armpit of a middle-aged banker.

It plays something like this…

Daydream: Chauffeur.

Reality: Walk. Bird craps on me.

Daydream: The Ledbury.

Reality: M&S ready meal. Two days out-of-date.

Daydream: Julia Restoin-Roitfeld. BFF.

Reality: Kevin from Accounts.

Daydream: Reed Krakoff. Pre-fall 2012.

Reality: Primark’s ugly sister, Peacock.

As the tannoy confirms our arrival into Victoria station, I’ll return – to the gaze of the banker, surveying me in much the way a wolf would rib-eye steak – and realise that, actually, Reed Krakoff would be wasted on a crowd like this.

Tell me, do you have a daydream life?



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17 responses to “Life More Perfect

  1. Bayswater Girl

    Love the tweed (is it tweed?) trouser suit. You crack me up!!

  2. maria barci

    Always, darling…

  3. Of course I do have a daydream life. Part of it is expressed via the blog (as my beloved job couldn’t be more distant from the shiny world of fashion& co.) and lately I’ve been thinking about a rock’n’roll life like touring with a band and, in that context, my BF would be Charlotte Gainsbourg…But all in all, I’m pretty happy with my life and I like to make it better wearing clothes that I like, even if I’m sure they are barely noticed by my ‘bus mates’…This sleek and chic collection by Reed Krakoff is so cool.

  4. Ohhh I really love your blog – I’ve been a reader for some time now. It’s fun and pretty!!


  5. I would love anything from Reed, well if I get to pick it’s the dress for sure 🙂 Ooo what is my fantasy life? I would be independently wealthy, attend red carpet events, and own a yacht.

  6. I do that too, I think a lot of bloggers are day dreamers. Stuck under some person’s armpit on the tube does tend to bring one down to reality! I loved your post and these outfits. :0)


  7. afroblush

    LOL that’s too funny! @ “Primarks ugly sister- Peacocks”. Yes darling, one must dream when squigged on the metropolitan line, and your not sure whether the funky smell is coming from someones foot or mouth. At this point, I must imagine I am globe trotting and the smell is just part of the rural scene I happen to be driving by in my new 4×4 Land Rover. lol

    Nice post 😉

  8. I just spilt hot chocolate all over my table cracking up over “Kevin from Accounts”. I’m sure he’s a lovely chap, just not quite cutting it here. Clearly I a. shouldn’t read your blog when holding a mug of delicious liquid and b. need to read your blog more often just to lift my spirits. I haven’t laughed like that for a while. Merci !

  9. The question is who doesn’t have a dream life? Mine goes along the lines of being born into some fabulously wealthy family, where I am blessed with cash, good looks and a good pedigree, but I devote myself to philanthropy and helping other, blah blah blah. The usual.

  10. I daydream like this too! Though my reality does not quite involve birds crapping on me or middle aged men banker’s armpits…And hey, maybe BFF Kevin in Accounts is…cute? ^^ (Too much Bridget Jones and other chick flicks)

  11. Birds crap on me too!! But you know, they say that it’s good luck..
    Brilliant post, as usual. 🙂

  12. Haha, I daydream like this as well :). I just nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award,

  13. My dear, of course I daydream. Otherwise, how could you handle the little hardships of routine and life in general? I was discussing this matter with my Philosophy teacher a long, long time ago and we came to the conclusion that daydreaming was a necessity to keep one’s sanity in a life full of violence, so no guilty feelings on my part.

  14. Love this. Hello to my middle class life!

  15. My BFF would be Michael Clarke Duncan.

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