Favourite Things

When Julie Andrews sang about her favourite aspects of life, the daft cow omitted a number of much-deserving things. Crisp apple strudels? Brown paper packages tied up with strings? Pah! Green Destiny apple cocktails from Hakkasan and Net-a-Porter black boxes are the only contemporary equivalents I can get on board with.

There are other favourites, too.

I find especial nirvana in winters hibernated at my family home in North Yorkshire. I’m talking about long misty days – without tangible demarcation between morning and night – spent dozing by an open fire, with little more for company than a cashmere blanket and a satisfying stack of fashion magazines. My father’s celebrated Sunday roast with extra servings of buttery mashed potato. And climbing beneath Arctic bed sheets after a day of idle pleasure. Indeed, I’m talking about those “silver-white winters” of which Andrews all-too-perkily chirped.

Not for me, the summer.

This winter will be an improvement on last and, for that, I proffer thanks to Claudia Schiffer.

Her eponymous knitwear label – launched yesterday on Net-a-Porter – gifts the kind of comforting and luxuriant clothes I want to live in during the coldest ravages of December. A mirror of Schiffer’s own personal aesthetic, the 30-piece line includes hand-knitted capes, cardigan coats, boyfriend-style sweaters and striped cashmere dresses in a wearable palette of greys and blues. Simple and lovely, the collection will appeal to women already conversant with the concept of ‘off-duty’ style.

Think of it as an old favourite in the making, if you will.

|Claudia Schiffer|


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18 responses to “Favourite Things

  1. I would definitely associate Ms Schiffer with this sort of quality garments. She really makes me yearn for winter and layers right now (odd given the hot hot hot temperature of NYC right now!) Nonetheless the photos here show some lovely cosy items.


  2. Bayswater Girl

    I’ve spent years looking for the perfect sweater dress and now it’s here! I’m so, so, sooooooo happy!!

  3. Which cardi did you get?! I keep drooling over this line…

  4. Pistachio

    Really beautiful…


  5. Hey Sarah! Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    Really nice blog! Claudia is always so beautiful!

  6. everydayglamour

    Although I prefer summer, you make a good case for winter. 🙂
    Claudia in that classic knitwear is divine.

  7. You know I’ve had an epiphany on that – the summer, nope not for me either, roll on autumn and cosy nights and candles and warm all enveloping darkness.

  8. waw it seems to be beautiful love those large cardigans!

  9. Thank you so much for the link love! I have linked to you as well. xo

  10. That cardy with the low pockets seems right up my alley. The sweater dress looks great on her but will never be a part of my wardrobe. I have too much of a tummy.

  11. She looks so beautiful in these pics.

    Ah re Brad, do you watch Sons of Anarchy? There’s a filthy looking guy, as in manky, on that with the same hair – yep I have a type.

  12. Oh my. I’ll have one of each please. Maybe two of that really cosy-looking cardigan.

    I love winter, and I live between central and northern Scotland, so cosy and stylish is a must. 🙂

  13. Gawd, she is still stunning. This shoot, the sweaters, everything about it makes me want to curl up in a cozy knit wearing gobs of eyeliner 😉 Time to stock up for winter here….

  14. love the sweaters. i love your writing, very clever. Loved this post.

  15. With the exception of Crystal Renn, I am all about the original supermodels and am beyond thrilled to see Claudia again.

  16. Love Claudia and all of the clothing in this shoot – it makes me think warm and cozy (hence all the sweaters) and this cold cold evening!

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