Jungle Book

It’s not about Marilyn Monroe moving to India and having an acid trip,” Alber Elbaz wisecracked at the presentation of his pre-fall collection for Lanvin.

Instead, his observation that more women are wearing evening for day – “Why save the best dishes for guests?” mused the aspiring philosopher backstage – gave Elbaz inspiration for a collection marrying the finest of both.

A floor-grazing skirt – made liquid in champagne silk – had the masculine nonchalance of palazzo pants when paired with an oversized rib-knit sweater.  Bourgeois tweed came shot through with gold and patchwork fur. Ruffled day dresses – cut simply in black and navy scuba – were stacked with a Mille-feuille of pearl necklaces.

Each came finished with charcoal grey tights to remind, and remind again, that the collection offers a luxe reinterpretation of dressing for day.

|The Fashion Spot, Quotes: Style.com|


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17 responses to “Jungle Book

  1. M.

    Taxidermy and Alber? !!! I may have just died and gone to my own private heaven…that looks like a Deyrolle/haute couture mash-up.
    Loving the glamour and versatility in the collection, and the drama of the lookbook. Thanks for this!

    xoxo. Mariah

  2. This is one promising collection! Should be interesting to see in March! Loving your blog!

  3. Strange…but strange gets noticed doesn’t it! Some I could easily see as night translating to a day time look, others not so much.
    Another well written and entertaining post (you post fashion pics that are not over exposed in the media and blog circuit, refreshing…thank you for that)!

  4. Oh I laughed when I saw the title!

    Some gorgeous-please-let-me-have pieces but the presentation is strange and off-putting. I don’t like the use of fur but let’s be honest, he’s not the only one. Clothes = yes. Styling = big no.

    • Loveliest Milla, thank you.

      For several days, I prevaricated over whether to feature this collection. The inclusion of fur conflicts with my own stance as someone who has never – and, indeed, will never – wear fur.

      However, it was the individual pieces beneath the fur – and, much more, Alber’s romantic argument that we should bring a little glamour to our daily life – that, ultimately, seemed too beautiful not to share.

      As for the ‘Jungle Book’ title, well…

      I’m just a big kid at heart! ;0)

  5. Bayswater Girl

    How come I haven’t seen these photos yet ~ they’re AWESOME! I really want that swishy brown dress!! 🙂

  6. Deb

    Taxidermy or no, this collection is f-ing gorgeous!

  7. Alber Elbaz is the Yves Saint Laurent of our time.

  8. Fur is always a hot topic. As are wild animals. The collection itself is gorgeous, the presentation left me with vertigo after viewing! Love your blog, just added you to my blog roll:)

  9. At the moment am in the ALber can’t do no wrong phaze. I am not even holding H&M against him. So this look great to me! 🙂
    Also I tagged you in my new post. heheh, it will be fun to see what everyone is gonna write. 😉


  10. OMG, amazing looks! The animals are hilarious, love the one with the dove on the shoulder =)

    Hannah xx

  11. Very different! I am a little put off by the incorporation of the animals but I can see the marketing angle. By the way your writing is impeccable!

  12. Love when fashion shoots involve cute and exotic animals! haha… the collection is strong. minimal with luxe twists.



  13. I loved the collection and in Paris, fur is everywhere, whether you want it or not (it’s worse in Italy though). I do like the presentation although I think the taxidermy is almost too distracting… This is something that reminds me a lot of the Lanvin Paris boutique windows but it’s interesting Elbaz would have taken it to a fashion presentation.

  14. everydayglamour

    I totally dig your blog!!! I love this post, Lanvin is such a beautiful brand.
    I particularly liked Mr. Albaz’s quote in the beginning, very funny. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see more!!

  15. hannahfresia

    love the concept!

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