Service Interrupted

* Exclusive 10% discount for Style Souk Readers *

This might seem a little left of field.

We’ve become accustomed to talking shop around here and, by shop, I mean fashion. There may be the occasional vignette about the jejuneness of my personal life – or, even, a political tirade – but, otherwise, the party line is toed.

Frocks and Slacks.

On the recommendation of model, Ruth Crilly, I recently discovered organic skincare brand, Pai. It seemed a timely introduction. Late nights and stress have taken their toll on my skin, but the final straw came with an allergic reaction to a Dr Sebagh moisturiser. Naively, I had thought the £95 price tag of his Extreme Maintenance could alone induce tears… until the rash developed.

I shan’t bore you with evangelical details about the company or their ethical approach – for risk of sounding in the pay and play of a PR contact and, besides, you can read about it here – but, what I can say is that, within a week of using the Camellia and Rose cleanser, my skin was clear and calm.

Four weeks later, it is even better.

I also bought the Chamomile and Rosehip moisturiser (Natalie Portman’s favourite!) and, though lovely, it is the cleanser that has really blown me away. Enough, in fact, to interrupt our normal service of fashion… and organise an exclusive treat for readers of Style Souk.

For one week only, the good people at Pai have agreed to offer an exclusive 10% discount on their entire skincare range. That’s right, anything that takes your fancy! All you have to do is type stylesouk at checkout. I will not benefit or profit for any sales and make this recommendation for a simple reason: It’s genuinely beautiful. It genuinely works.

You can order from Pai on-line here:

And, hey, the creator is a girl called Sarah. She studied history. At Nottingham University. The exact – insert music for the Twilight Zone – same as me.

If that ain’t reason enough to support a sister, what is?


* The discount for Style Souk readers will close on Sunday 25 September 2011 at midnight. Open to UK and international customers.



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18 responses to “Service Interrupted

  1. I’ll have to shop around and see if we get this brand over here. I have decent enough skin, but it’s lost it’s luster and I’m trying to get that back. Any other brand suggestions (ones that are more easily available but effective).

    • This offer is available to international customers – fingers crossed, your location should not be a problem in terms of shipping or delivery.

      With regards to your skincare needs, Pai have an advice service – called ‘Ask Sarah’ – where you can submit a query and receive a personalised, tailor-made response:

      If your complexion is dull, you may want to address any issues of dryness or dehydration and/or begin a more efficient exfoliation regime – to boost cell turnover and get your skin glowing.

      I have combination skin and currently use – to good effect – the Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash.

      Hope this helps and please do let me know how you get on, x

  2. Eloise

    Hi, just wondering if you’ve tried the toners? Thanks xx

  3. Clearly we Sarahs need to unite 🙂

    I will take your advice here, because my skin will usually be fine, then now and again when I suffer lack of sleep and stress is goes haywire. Usually me rectifying the stress problem helps, but I think some new calming skincare would help me as well. Great post, I need to do more beauty exploring for my own blog.

  4. First visit your blog, and I like it. Well thanks for the tip. I’m always looking into buying organic skincare but since I don’t know anyone who actually uses it I prefer not taking the risk. But now I may have to place an order.

    • Hi Flavia,

      Thank you for such a kind compliment.

      I have experimented with a number of natural and organic skincare products – including REN, Dr Hauschka, Omorovicza, Burt’s Bees – and have had middling results; with some ranges being much better than others.

      Feel free to ask any questions about my experiences.

      Sarah x

  5. Very cool sounding brand – and the discount is nice too 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us!

  6. My skin has been such a mess since moving to France – either the water (very hard here) or dairy – and so I have an appointment booked with a dermatologist for 30th. Let’s see what he says but Pai is certainly in my mind.

    Thank you so much Sarah.

    • Oh Milla, I can very much empathise.

      My skin became extremely unsettled when we first moved to London – because, I suppose, the water is so hard – and it took some time (approaching eighteen months) to acclimatise and rebalance.

      I agree that the best course of action is to see a dermatologist and have him recommend a treatment plan.

      Good luck, darling x

  7. Frocks and slacks – love it!

    Did you see the pic of Jean Louis in last months Tatler? It was their pyjama party do, oh dear he was wearing a night shirt and black velveteen slippers, why why?

  8. Iselin

    Do they ship to New York?

    • Hi Iselin,

      Apologies for the delay…

      My little sister has come to stay with us and – between cocktails, gossip, and preparing for her first term at university – we have been kept very busy!

      The promotion is available to American customers and, as such, shipping to New York should not be a problem.

      Please do let me know how you get on,
      Sarah x

  9. My cabinets are brimming with partially used and wildly unsuccessful facial care products. It’s all there; from painfully expensive Sisley to drug store brands…so, it’s settled, I’m going to have to try this product.

  10. I shall give this a try. I have no idea what the problem is, but my skin is going mad at the moment. You know, the kind of super unfair spots-and-wrinkles-combination mad.

  11. Bravo for focusing on organic skincare. My skin has never been so balanced.
    (omg u crack me up with ur insert music here ha ha)

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