Green-eyed World

I wouldn’t say that I was jealous of Joanna Hillman – Market Editor at US Harper’s Bazaar – but, yeah, I’m definitely in that neighbourhood.



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16 responses to “Green-eyed World

  1. Yep. Green eyed over here too 😉

  2. she has a dream job and looks way too cool.

  3. Oh great now I am too; a blonde, leggy Carolyn Bessette Kennedy lookalike, everything I’ll never be. And I love the stripy short suit.

  4. Definitely green eyed, but only a little. I love her pants in that last picture, I wish I worked in a place where I could wear that stuff!

  5. My goodness! That striped shorts suit combo with the polka dot heels is pure eye candy. Sigh… yep, she definitely has an amazing wardrobe.


  6. Gorgeous style! May I have her job please?

  7. Iselin

    Joanna’s hair is so pretty. Great inspiration!

  8. How can anyone look that cool??!!

  9. Oh man, count me on the green eyed club as well. I had seen shots of those shoes and didn’t know who they belonged to. Now I am even more jealous. Yowsa, girl works it.

  10. I expect to Google “perfection” and find a pic of her. Move over models, the Editors are the new “It girls”.

  11. The blue top is gorgeous! What a beautiful shade of blue! Simplicity is the most elegant.

  12. I absolutely love that animal print top and the pink polka dotted shoes in the last pictures! I want her JOB!

  13. I really love her style, I saw lots of pictures of her this NYFW looking just stunning.

  14. Judson Piacquadio

    Green eyes are really fun to work with. They have such a wide color range from turqouise to chartreuse to forest green to bright light green and on and on. ..

    Current blog post straight from our very own web page

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