First, Last

A blogger of workshy persuasion, I will ordinarily commence a new post with a confetti of apologies for my radio silence.

This one will begin differently.

It begins with a thank you to each and all of those who have taken the time to write such beautifully kind and thoughtful messages since Napoleon’s accident. I’ve been quite the emotional wreck these past weeks and – much like receiving a little hug – your words have proven in turns cheering, fortifying and hugely touching.  

Napoleon is beginning to do much better. 

In the tradition of all bloody annoying male stalwarts – think of Shakespeare’s ‘Ay, ay, a scratch, a scratch’ Mercutio – he’s taken to complaining about my “fussing” him.  Where such defiant ingratitude might otherwise cause my displeasure, I interpret it as a sign that things really must be on the mend… and then fuss the poor bugger some more.

Wicked, me?

This first post coincides with a last. 

Madame Roitfeld’s final issue of Paris Vogue went on sale last week.  As though projected through a television screen, the cover editorial Coeur a Corps Perdu features a swanlike – albeit for a broken neck and overplucked eyebrows – Saskia de Brauw.  It gives witty ode to Roitfeld’s successor, “Emmanuelle”, with its erotic 1970s aesthetic. 

I’ve yet to fully consult Google translate read my copy but, already, my favourite part is Carine’s Edito

Handwritten and without marshmallow mawkishness, the closing observation – ‘It’s because everything must end that everything is so beautiful’ – brings a poetic poignancy to this, her farewell edition.

À bientôt, Carine.

|The Fashion Spot – Vogue Paris|


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11 responses to “First, Last

  1. Its so lovely to see your written word again! And nice to hear Napoleon is on the mend, I’m sure he likes your fussing really!x

  2. Glad to see you back on the blogosphere and I’m sorry Napoleon had an accident! I had no idea… I hope you’re both doing OK. XX

  3. styleonthecouch

    Very pleased to have you back in the blogosphere also. Yay! I hope things are improving after the accident now, best wishes,

  4. Turkish Deelight

    Thrilled you’re back! I jumped with excitement when I received the email notification.

    Hope Napoleon is feeling better.
    Dee xxxx

  5. My gosh darling, I somehow missed this! What on earth happened to your dear Napoleon, and I hope he’ll be ok in no time!! Sending you both lots of love and positive vibes.

    Any yay for your blogging return – we always miss you when you’re gone!

    Love Briony xx

  6. I missed you! Glad to hear that Napoleon is on the mend.

    I love the photography of the Saskia editorial. Very different. The Edito is wonderful and sticks with Carine’s ‘only look forward’ way of life. Curious about what Emmanuelle will produce…


  7. So happy to see a new post from you, welcome back to blogdom, you were missed. Glad to hear your little one is on the mend and looking forward to more posts!!

  8. Happy to hear life is slowly returning to something that looks like normal. This recovery business is horribly boring & frustrating, poor Napoleon…but nothing a nurses uniform can’t solve ;)!
    Best wishes to you both and welcome back!

  9. everydayglamour

    Sorry about your Napoleon and looking forward to reading your blog!

  10. Thank you, little sweethearts.

    I am still stretched between work and caring for Napoleon, but promise that I will write to you all – individually, with a proper thank you – just as soon as I possibly can.

    Sarah x

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