On the Road

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11 responses to “On the Road

  1. These are really cool, thanks for posting!

  2. You are most welcome.

    Natasha looks enviably hip, doesn’t she? I’ll have to find some pins for my Ms. Poly voodoo doll… 😉

  3. Natasha Poly is one of my favourite models. I love it when she wears this sort of eye make up. Very rock chic here. Love the leather jacket – amazing images.


  4. Ooh gorgeous photos!! I’m loving your editorial images. xx

  5. She’s one of my least favourite models, but this is a stunning editorial. Thanks for sharing.

  6. She exudes sexxx. While I find her a bit overrated, she is what makes this editorial what it is!

    Or maybe I just have a weakness for all things leather. Yum. x

  7. joannehegarty

    Gorgeous pictures and charming blog ! I love Natasha’s leathers, but I’m sure she could wear a plastic sack and still look good. Thanks for stopping by my blog and delighted you enjoyed my Millie interview in the Mail On Sunday. Keep in touch !


  8. Jeez, she is insanely hot! If only I could master that look – somehow doubt it, particularly at 9am on a Monday morning!


  9. Hellosies!
    Oh no, I don’t speak as I write, once when I went for an interview I actually said, eh, I’m not good at speaking, can I send you a pitch when I get home?
    I got it – a beauty column – phew was that boring after ten months.
    I might be down in London mid December, if you’re around, coffee?

  10. Hmm, where do I press follow this blog am I being stupid?

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