So, that’s out the way for another year… 

Christmas, I mean.

Although the season brings cheer to many, Napoleon mutates – on first sniff of a mince pie – into the Grinch and is not restored to his affable self until the clock chimes on the twelfth night of Christmas.

It can make for a climate more implosive than the Middle East and calls for diplomacy much beyond my ‘I’m hungover/ The turkey is still raw after nine hours of cooking/ If my family were sold in a shop, I wouldn’t pick them off the shelf’ emotional state.

Thankfully, with my return to the office tomorrow – and the comforting normalcy of a ‘Work, Eat, Sleep’ routine – this period of enforced coexistence with Dr. Seuss’ (non) fictional character will draw to a close.

In the wake of a less than Hallmark-perfect Christmas, it would be madness beyond fathom to compound my disappointment with a list of impossible to keep – soon to be broken – New Year’s resolutions…

Wouldn’t it?

1. When Napoleon asks whether I might pass an editorial gaze over his PhD drafts, I will do so with the grace and good humour shown towards one of my authors.  I will no longer (a) Sneer, (b) Snort, (c) Roll my eyes with teenage melodrama, or (d) Scrawl ‘This is Crap’ in the margins.

2. I will take up drinking.  I’ve never been one to follow the flock and, with everyone else quitting firewater at this time of the year, there’ll be more to go around for me.

3. Having promised to do so many times, I will finally save my pennies for a Burberry trench and skip around smugly come the rain showers of April.  April 2015, that is.  Burberry coats are bloody expensive.

4. I will no longer compare myself to others.  My low self-esteem is taking a holiday.

In the spirit of hope and turning over a new leaf, I had also thought to add one final resolution promising to update my blog more frequently…

But let’s keep things realistic, kids.



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13 responses to “Beginning

  1. Hurrah for number four indeed! (And number two, but shh because I’ve already declared a non drinking January *cough* *splutter*)

  2. Haha, you always make me giggle out loud!! (I do mean that as a compliment by the way…)

    Now if you’re returning to the office tomorrow, does this mean you’ll be gracing the cobbled streets of Cambridge? We simply MUST catch up! I’m making it our mutual new year’s resolution. That and seconding your quest for a Burberry trench.

    Hope you’ve been fabulous

    B xxxx

  3. Happy New Year! Best of luck with your resolutions….they are much more exciting than mine which usually consist of stop eating and remember to dry body brush! Maybe I should take some inspiration from number 2?!

  4. Poor Napoleon! Although I have to say, I find the thought of you scrawling ‘this is crap’ in the margins of his PhD quite amusing.

    I may well adopt number 4 for myself – I think you might be onto something there.

    Looking forward to your email! Happy New Year!

    Olivia xx

  5. Imo

    Thank you so much for checking out my blog =D I love this statement, 2011 Im hoping to keep things realistic too HAPPY NEW YEAR! =D x x x

  6. LOVE the blog!! SO inspirational. This pictures are gorgeous aswell, absolutely adore everything. Please please follow my blog and let me know what you think, can’t wait to hear from you!! 🙂

    kisses x

  7. Bayswater Girl

    Happy New Year! Good luck with your resolutions… they’re making me laugh so much my stomach aches. =D

  8. Sarah – what a great list! I’m with you on #4. Here’s to a year of positive thought and self-progress.

    Don’t ever forget how fabulous you are.


  9. Love this blog- its wonderful! I absolutely adore the photos as well. Such an inspiration to me. Always put me in a good mood! Do keep on posting!

    Please please follow my blog and let me know what you think, can’t wait to hear from you!!

    kisses x

  10. Hey Sarah great blog! I like your list lady (especially #4)!

  11. M.

    Hi Sarah, Happy Hols!!

    You’re hilarious. I’m in total agreement with #s 3 and 4, and wishing you lots of good luck with #s 1 and 2.

    Looking forward to more of your fab posts in the upcoming year!

    xoxo. Mariah

  12. I will follow #2 with reckless abandon. I got off to a great start over the holidays and plan to continue the streak. I am totally on board with operation Burberry trench. I can see myself sharing in a happy sense of smug every time I had to pull it out!! Yay! I like your resolutions!

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