The constant house guest. That stubborn bubble of fat on your inner thigh. Boris Johnson.

Some things simply will not go away.

Despite doing all within my power – from mainlining vitamin C to furtively leaning over and coughing on Napoleon whilst he sleeps – this flu is determined not to bid adieu.

I get it, really, I do.

A wise-cracking Yorkshire girl, I like to make people laugh. I will indulge conversation on topics diverse as the historical development of the Eurozone to the X Factor. I’m a good listener. If that’s your bag, my companionship is not too shabby.

The flu is lapping it up.

I have taken to a new hobby – having, as I do, little more for entertainment than the occasional thrill of a sneeze – to stave away the delirium that comes with being kept bedbound. It’s fun. You’d like it.*

With the central heating whacked to its farthermost setting, I sit in bed – propped amongst discarded tissues and Strepsils – and browse the internet, where I daydream over wintry, cosy clothes. Jumpers. Scarves. Long Johns. The tin foil section on

Anything to keep the warmth in, frankly.

I have revisited these Burberry Prorsum coats more than most. There’s something of the Nancy Mitford heroine to them: I imagine draping myself grandly and – with a large, theatrical flourish of their tails – hamming my part as the sickened martyr.

Well, come on… I could act that better than Boris does being Mayor.

* You won’t. No one, with a life, would.



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6 responses to “Linger

  1. ah, sluggish evil viral things

    the coat would make you better

    perhaps chocolate

  2. Darling, I feel quite conflicted laughing at your illness like this. I do hope you are better soon, this must be so frustrating for you.

  3. Of course I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, but your writing is delightfully funny. I love coats, and I cannot have enough of them in my wardrobe. The Burberry ones are beautiful: perfect combination of fabrics (it must be so warm and soft) and shade of beige/dust pink. Get one and I’m sure you’ll feel better…

  4. Love these coats!!!!!!!!! 🙂 hope you feel better soon Jen xoxo

  5. The coats are beautiful.
    Hope you feel better soon, you definitely need that Daks duvet skirt now.

    Aisling xx

  6. Kai Lillia

    I think the coats are great!!! ….looks like something that Kate Middleton, Kate Winslet or even Kate Moss would wear!!!…..U can call the coat “The Kate”
    Feel Better 🙂

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