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Acceptance Speech

Twenty-seven bloody years ago, the sublimely fabulous and witty Olivia – of My New Favourite Thing – kindly bestowed the ‘Stylish Blogger Award’ on my undeserving little shoulders.*

I’m generally not one for following rules – seriously, you should see how much I cheat in a game of Monopoly, let alone life! – but the award obliges its recipient to reveal five things about themselves.  Like the baton in a relay race or syphilis (!), it must then be passed to another five blogs.

If you’re sitting comfortably, let us begin:

1. I turned down a place at Oxford to attend… Nottingham University.  If this were Twitter, the hashtag #NotInRightMind would now follow.

2. Whilst fully clothed, I was unceremoniously thrown out of an Amsterdam nightclub for “dancing too provocatively”.

3.  My grandfather was a Communist.

4. I was once mistaken – and thereafter mobbed – by an excited throng of paparazzi ‘Have DSLR, Will Use DSLR’ Japanese tourists for being Cat Deeley.  I must have been prettier in those days…

5. My surname is exceptionally rare – I said “rare” not “C*cksbottom embarrassing” – and I have not been able to identify its origin.

In alphabetical order, I would like to gift this ‘They Love Me, They Really Love Me!’ award to the following ladies:

A Model Recommends

Dead Stylish

Forty Not Out

Not Just Another Milla

The Importance of Being Oreo

* As one of my favourite bloggers, I’m genuinely chuffed and humbled by this, Miss Phillips! x



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All the Best

Chanel Paradoxal – A preternatural hybrid of greyed plum so extraordinary, I bought two bottles // Hanneli \\ Hummingbird Bakery Black Bottom cupcakes // ‘Masters of Fashion Illustration’ by David Downton \\ Eyebrow threading by Vaishaly PatelOuch! But farewell Sasquatch // September Issues.

Redhook – from the people behind Milk & Honey and Giant Robot, the pre-dinner cocktails (served in pretty vintage glasses) are killer… as are the scallops in a good, non food-poisoning way! // By Terry Baume de Rose \\ ‘ Grace Kelly: Style Icon’  exhibit – Closes on September 26, so hurry thee to the V&A // Liquorice Allsorts.

Packing for my holidays – Does a suitcase exist with capacity for my entire wardrobe? // Dior Nude Foundation \\ Magpie Utopia – ‘Roberta by Olivia Palermo’ jewellery designs arrive at Matches // Dusk picnics \\ Inception – DiCaprio.  A little bloated.  I still would. // My new Freja B inspired hair \\ Fumoir Bar.


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