Emmanuelle: A Retrospective

I’m a terrible self-publicist.

Thrown into the bear pit of a job interview, I will generate more anxiety, sweat and tears than compelling reasons for my employment. The comprehensive school kid in me – with her disdain for the pomp and pretence of those more boastful – would struggle to be any other way.

Recently, I wrote a guest piece for ‘I Want to be an Alt’. A retrospective of Emmanuelle Alt’s editorial career with Vogue Paris, it is impossible to say whether it makes for a good read or otherwise; in the very least, Alt’s pictures are f-cking amazing.

Might you take a look and tell me what you think?


Right, that’s quite enough blowing of my own trumpet.



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13 responses to “Emmanuelle: A Retrospective

  1. Excellent job, Sarah. Very well-written! I hope this means there are more guest posts in the future for us to read…? xo.

  2. Sarah, it is an honor to feature your eloquent thoughts on IWTBAA, thank you again for your brilliant contribution. Please blow that trumpet, girl, how else will we hear your beautiful music? Though of course the school kid in me quite agrees, down with braggarts, bullies, and tattletales! xo

  3. I am too, once in an an interview I actually said ” I’m not very good at expressing myself when I talk, can I email you an answer”.


    Off to read – my red pen’s out. 😉

  4. Great read! It reminded me a lot of Camille Paglia, whom I absolutely love.
    Funnily enough that’s twice this week that I’ve come across the word milquetoast – time to look it up methinks.

  5. Bayswater Girl

    Great read. I’d KILL for your vocabulary!!


  6. LOVED it. Get in touch Sarah. Would love you to write for Style Sequel
    em x

  7. Sarah, thank you so much for your comment that introduced me to your lovely blog!

    Being a fan and regular reader of Vogue Paris, I loved your piece. And I’ve always found the iwanttobeanalt and iwanttobearoitfeld websites pretty hilarious….

  8. Your writing is poised and confident and I’d never think you would feel interview anxiety! I am a fan of Vogue Paris, although it is expensive to purchase in the US! Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog! So glad to discover yours!

  9. Great article!!! With your writing skills I would be bragging my butt off 🙂

  10. Pistachio

    I loved this! The Lara Stone edit is very amazing. 🙂

  11. Sarah, you are a brilliant writer and you had some deep insights about Ms. Alt’s aesthetic. I can imagine that piece being published in Vogue magazine.

  12. I never open WordPress’s home page except to occasionally login to my own blog, Sunny Styles, when it boots me off automatic sign-in. I happened to catch a glimpse of a fashion post from your blog, and lo-and-behold, I find your fantastic site and am led to yet another great one, I Want to be an Alt. I absolutely loved your guest piece. It is writers like you who push me forward in my craft. The way in which you described her was art itself. I will keep coming back. Thank you.

  13. A different take on a well-known figure. Now everyone will want to be an Alt.

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