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Budget Cuts

For those who love Alber Elbaz – but are working on a budget – news of Lanvin’s collaboration with H&M was akin to having Christmas arrive a month early.

I include myself very much in this statement.

By self-appointment, Napoleon has become our household Chancellor and is imposing budget cuts with the kind of ruthless zeal unbecoming for even a Conservative-led government.

It can only spell bad things for my wardrobe.

Having long wanted a Louis Vuitton leopard-print Stephen Sprouse scarf, I am beginning to realise that it may be a dream – forever, hopelessly – beyond financial reach.

This Diane von Furstenberg Kenley scarf would make a poor cousin beautiful substitute, but – having traipsed my well-shod ne’er to be replaced Louboutin heels around London – every store seems to have exhausted their stock.


1. Damn you other ladies with good taste and less slow-off-the-mark organisational skills; and

2. Has anyone seen this scarf – in the grey colourway – on their shopping travels?



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The devil is said to reside in detail.

I certainly can’t speak for him – sinner, though I may be – but have always preferred to think that beauty, not ‘ol Beelzebub, is to be found within the sartorial minutiae.

|Street fsn, Stockholm Streetstyle|

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Christmas List

Dear Santa,

Long time no hear!

What must it have been?  A year?

I can’t say that I’ve been a good girl since we last corresponded. 

I neglect my blog.  Sometimes, after a tediously long day at work, I rub my food baby tummy to get a seat on the tube.  And, last night, I deliberately stole the duvet from a sleeping Napoleon.

So, no. 

I’m not an awfully good girl. 

But surely to lie and pretend otherwise would damn me even more?

I will try to be better and, were you to find the charity to forgive my all-too-many misdemeanors, it would be delightful to find this Yves Saint Laurent ‘Chyc’ handbag beneath the tree on Christmas morning. 

Matches have some in stock – with complimentary rooftop parking –  and you’ll find their address details here

Of course, I promise not to use my bag for wicked means such as beating aside other shoppers in the January sales.

In hope,

Sarah x

P.S: Whilst loathe to resort to blackmail, there’ll be extra mince pies in this for you – and carrots for Rudolf – if you can see me right.


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Might I hallucinate

Or does this quirky Stella McCartney bag look similar to an accordion?

In which event, I think it clever of McCartney to design something both practical and aesthetic.

Well, let’s remember, handbags don’t pay for themselves – and especially not this one, at £1,335 – so expect to see me, and my new accordion friend, busking for pennies on a street near you.


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