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All the Best

Chanel Paradoxal – A preternatural hybrid of greyed plum so extraordinary, I bought two bottles // Hanneli \\ Hummingbird Bakery Black Bottom cupcakes // ‘Masters of Fashion Illustration’ by David Downton \\ Eyebrow threading by Vaishaly PatelOuch! But farewell Sasquatch // September Issues.

Redhook – from the people behind Milk & Honey and Giant Robot, the pre-dinner cocktails (served in pretty vintage glasses) are killer… as are the scallops in a good, non food-poisoning way! // By Terry Baume de Rose \\ ‘ Grace Kelly: Style Icon’  exhibit – Closes on September 26, so hurry thee to the V&A // Liquorice Allsorts.

Packing for my holidays – Does a suitcase exist with capacity for my entire wardrobe? // Dior Nude Foundation \\ Magpie Utopia – ‘Roberta by Olivia Palermo’ jewellery designs arrive at Matches // Dusk picnics \\ Inception – DiCaprio.  A little bloated.  I still would. // My new Freja B inspired hair \\ Fumoir Bar.



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Uptown Girl

I have been sitting (figuratively, of course!) on these pictures for the past week.

Wanting to share.

Yet, not wanting to share.

Why might a girl – ordinarily not backwards in coming forwards (especially after six two cocktails) – have been so tentative?


Those more beady-eyed amongst you will realise that Missy Palermo features here with boring regularity, and so – in endlessly banging on about the same old celebrities – I feared the risk of sounding like Grazia.

But what the heck…

There are worse things in life, right?  Being compared to Woman’s Own, rather than Grazia, for example.

Captured for an ASOS cover editorial, these images of my favourite trendmaker are much too lovely to remain forever hidden on my MacBook and – if nothing else – the extraordinary vision of Olivia wearing Converse is too rare a sighting not to share.

|The Fashion Spot|


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The Ten Commandments

Holy Crap!

It’s a shirtless Johannes!

Okay, okay…

So I may be twenty-nine years of age, soon-to-be-spliced to an also rather handsome boy and there’s that commandment about not coveting your neighbours piece of fluff, but…

Holy Crap!

It’s a shirtless Johannes!

|The Fashion Spot|

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Who’s That Girl?

Everyone knows that I crush on Olivia Palermo.

Heck, if we were schoolchildren I would have carved our intertwined names into the trunk of a tree and asked if she wanted to go steady.  And that’s not to mention dizzily chasing her around the playground for a kiss…

But I have a confession.

In a world teeming with fashion icons, I am often tempted to stray in my affections.  My mistress in waiting? Taylor Tomasi Hill.

Described as having a beauty that ‘evokes the delicate subjects favoured by pre-Raphaelite artists’ it is her ethereal mix of porcelain skin and statement auburn hair that provides a feminine counterpoint to the utilitarian, often austere fashions she prefers.

The subdued palette of her clothing acts as a canvas onto which the most audacious melange of accessories are painted.  Skyscraper YSL Imperiale boots.  Art deco necklaces.  Bohemian scarves.  Norma Kamali cat-eye sunglasses.  An uberfierce mish-mash of architectural bracelets.  Punkrose leopard print sneakers. Nothing is too much.

Indeed, her bon mot when dressing might be summed as ‘Never underestimate the power of opulent accessories’ and each piece is blended with the fearless insouciance one can expect from the Style and Accessories director at US Marie Claire.

Said to adore shepherd’s pie and use her kitchen as a makeshift second closet, this is a girl I can get on board with.

But shhhh, don’t tell Olivia

|Jak & Jil, Stockholm Street Style, Rackk and Ruin|

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