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Favourite Things

When Julie Andrews sang about her favourite aspects of life, the daft cow omitted a number of much-deserving things. Crisp apple strudels? Brown paper packages tied up with strings? Pah! Green Destiny apple cocktails from Hakkasan and Net-a-Porter black boxes are the only contemporary equivalents I can get on board with.

There are other favourites, too.

I find especial nirvana in winters hibernated at my family home in North Yorkshire. I’m talking about long misty days – without tangible demarcation between morning and night – spent dozing by an open fire, with little more for company than a cashmere blanket and a satisfying stack of fashion magazines. My father’s celebrated Sunday roast with extra servings of buttery mashed potato. And climbing beneath Arctic bed sheets after a day of idle pleasure. Indeed, I’m talking about those “silver-white winters” of which Andrews all-too-perkily chirped.

Not for me, the summer.

This winter will be an improvement on last and, for that, I proffer thanks to Claudia Schiffer.

Her eponymous knitwear label – launched yesterday on Net-a-Porter – gifts the kind of comforting and luxuriant clothes I want to live in during the coldest ravages of December. A mirror of Schiffer’s own personal aesthetic, the 30-piece line includes hand-knitted capes, cardigan coats, boyfriend-style sweaters and striped cashmere dresses in a wearable palette of greys and blues. Simple and lovely, the collection will appeal to women already conversant with the concept of ‘off-duty’ style.

Think of it as an old favourite in the making, if you will.

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California Girl

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Shortly* before Napoleon’s car accident – and my being temporarily spirited from the world of blogging – I was awarded a ‘Stylish Blogger Award’ by the fiendishly talented illustrator and all-round sweetheart, Maya Beus.

Having already revealed five things about myself in circumstances similar to these – read here for a reminder – it is difficult to muster, as required by the award, a further seven.

I’m just not that interesting, folks.

With my store of witty personal anecdotes a long-busted flush, might it be imprudent to attempt this once again?  Well, of bloody course, but imprudence has always been my strong suit…

Seconds Out.  Round Two.

1.  My favourite colour is white.  Nah, that’s too boring.

2.  I see a therapist once a month.  It used to be once a week.  Does that mean I’m getting better…?

3.  My first words, on meeting Napoleon, were “Entertain me”.  Ever since, the performing monkey plucky darling has been doing precisely that.

4.  I sponsor a beautiful little girl in Mumbai, India.  Going by the name of Pre, she often sends crayoned drawings and doodles that cheer my spirits more than she will ever comprehend.  They are mostly of mangoes.  Seriously, the kid is obsessed.

5.  I’ve only ever slept with one man.  I can’t drive.  I’m an Atheist.  One of these is a lie.

6.  Often, I will flirt with the notion of quitting my job in publishing and re-training as a teacher.  To be filed under: Mid-life Crisis.

7.  Napoleon proposed in November.  November 2009, that is.  I still haven’t tried on a single wedding dress.

In alphabetical order – and to increase my karma/dodge going to Hell/satisfy my good deed quotient for the day – I would like to pass this award to the following ladies:

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* By ‘shortly’, I mean six months ago.  But that’s just how we roll here on Style Souk:  Slooo…ooo…wly.


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