Nineteen Seventy

These images are unsuitable for work unless, that is, you’re employed by Playboy.*

* So, is it true that old Huey boy can still, uhm… get it up?

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9 responses to “Nineteen Seventy

  1. tgs

    hi, thanks for your comment and encouraging words. i’ve always known that i would grow up to have multiple careers, i just get bored way too easily, heck i can’t even keep a haircut for more than a few months!

    your blog is wonderful.

    this editorial is so nice, i think navajo and native tribal patterns are starting to trend up and i’m excited about it.

  2. These are some quite bold poses for an editorial! I don’t think the US we have magazines that feature these types of poses, at least I have not come across any of them! Love her make-up in the 3rd shot!

  3. love these kinds of editorials.

  4. I do love her as a model- and she is certainly very rock chic here! But are we to wear right metallic pants this Fall? Eek I hope not 🙂

  5. tight metallic pants – that’s what I meant 🙂

  6. Seems like a lot of the old trends are coming back. Love the way the striped tee is glammed up in that last shot.

  7. pinsandfeathers

    This is a great spread. The fourth picture is truly stunning. I don’t know if it would be possible to integrate the metallic pants into a wardrobe without looking like a martian, but I love the idea. Thanks for featuring!

  8. in love with this woman

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