My little sister came to stay last week.

She’s starting university – reading law, for her sins – and this was our last hurrah before she becomes bound to her books. Cocktails were downed by the dozen sipped. Gossip was shared. And she remains, without question, my one true soulmate.

The best kid in the world.

Always beautiful, the past two years have imparted a maturity, a womanly assurance – nascent and delicate, though it is still – to amplify her existing beauty.

It has taken me by surprise.

In my sister, I behold a sprog with pigtails and a droopy diaper – the little girl, forever decorated in Wotsit dust, to whom I would read bedtime stories and sing to sleep as she squeezed my hair – and yet, to the world, she is a woman. The legs have grown. The braces have come off. The shutters from my eyes, too – and look, see what we’re dealing with.

A younger, prettier Elle Macpherson.*

Sassy and intelligent, she’s the kind of girl who could wear every piece from the new Balmain diffusion line, Pierre Balmain – whose lookbook is pictured here – without risk of them wearing her.

In leaving for university, my sister reaches another milestone on the road to adulthood.

It is difficult to let her go – my instinct, as the eldest sibling, is to protect and continue to hold her close – but I couldn’t be more proud of all that she is becoming and know that the next three years will be amongst the happiest of her life.

Good luck, little lobster, I love you.

* Such are the perils of having a sister ten years younger. For the record, I’m a shorter, rounder Dawn French… ;0)

|Pierre Balmain|


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14 responses to “Youth

  1. cupcake

    Beautiful tribute to your sister! I always tell my children to love and defend each other because siblings are a gift. They are people in the world who share a childhood and who will always be there for you. As you get older there are fewer and fewer of those people around. Happy for you both that you know this already.

  2. As the oldest in my family I can definitely relate to the protective feeling that you’re feeling, haha. I’m sure she’ll do great, and she’s gorgeous! Nothing can beat a beautiful and intelligent woman.

  3. How lovely! Your relationship sounds like mine with my eldest sister. She is 11 years older than me and we are best friends. I remember that excitement of starting college. How I wish I could go back with the know-how I have today.

  4. There are few times in my life I have wished for a sibling (only child here!), but this lovely tribute was one of them. You are both lucky to have each other and have such a solid relationship.

  5. I’d love to be close to mine but they’re 20 to 25 years older than me so I barely know them.

    Thanks for the comment, I’ve had 22 months of sturm and drang and have been coping well but out of the blue I’ve gone on a wobble and my mind is just yakking at me all day long – not real voices of course, just that inner annoying non-crazy chitter that you just can’t switch off.

  6. This post was like reading my life. My youngest sister has just left for uni to study law too. She also contracted type 1 diabetes a few years back which is another reason why I am so protective over her. Miss her every day and can’t believe she’s become a woman and I’ve only noticed now. *sob*

  7. this is a really sweet post! 🙂

  8. AH!!! Lovely!!! Beautiful tribute.

  9. Aw I feel you! My brother is starting college next year, and I feel OLD. And it’s weird to see him growing up. Like when he sprouted armpit hair, I freaked out. But c’est la vie! It’s nice to know they grow up pretty well haha (except I’m only 18 months older than my brother)

  10. God, so sweet! My brother’s only three years younger than me, but I get nostalgic whenever I return home for a weekend. From an adorable little camera-whore of a child (genes for being photogenic clearly did not go to me, ahem) to a 17-year-old who thinks he’s an adult. Ridiculous muscles and all.

    What happened between running around in onesies to lifting a hundred-something dumbells?!

    But something of fashion relevance: the pointed pump & the ankle length pant. My OBSESSION. xx

  11. Emma

    Little lobster???

  12. This post is lovely. I perfectly understand your words…I have a younger brother and we live in different countries. Even if we rarely see each other, when we are together, it’s so great and we don’t need many words as we perfeclty understand each other.

  13. I hear you. My youngest sister is 12 years my junior. And a law student, too!! 🙂

  14. Aw this is such a cute blog post. I’m the younger sister, and my sister has said similar things to me before, you’ve reminded me of them all here. I think sisters share a very special bond, don’t we 🙂

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