High Voltage

While I’ve been playing nurse to Napoleon – not in that way, you mucky-minded lot! – my favourite russet-haired editor has been busily gadding around for show season.

Chameleonic as always, Taylor Tomasi Hill brought hipster labels Proenza Schouler, Emmanuelle Khanh, Balenciaga, Christopher Kane and Isabel Marant out to play this fashion week.  Hard-edged and offbeat, her aesthetic has evolved to the wittily idiosyncratic.


Is there better way to describe the interplay between rebellious adolescence – sartorially manifested in spiked Louboutin high tops, a punk rock Junya Watanabe net skirt, and Burberry biker jacket – and her signature ‘I’m a Lady’ Celine clutch?

You know, pictures of Taylor have the most peculiar effect on me.

Afflicted with nondescript hair and milky Anglo-Saxon colouring – think  pale-as-an-email after ten layers of Rodial Brazilian tan – she makes me restless to change my appearance.

I should know better.

Twelve years ago, I sat weeping in a hair salon, sorrily clutching handfuls of red hair, pleading to have them cut away. 

The consequence of schoolgirl experimentation – akin to the inspired mania of a depressive before they hit the crashingly shit stuff – it was a period in which my barnet transitioned from Marilyn blonde to every nuance of green inbetween.  One industrial-sized bottle of bleach – and eighteen months of regrowth – later, I considered myself chastised and vowed never again to dabble in the black (red, blonde or brown) arts.

For as long as I remember those mistakes, I will resist Ms. Tomasi’s Titian temptations – has anyone ever done so much for red hair? – but, damn, she makes it hard.

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13 responses to “High Voltage

  1. Bayswater Girl

    Gorgeous writing and gorgeous Taylor! I want that blue Celine bag!!


  2. not plain jane

    Brilliant article Style Souk – lovely prose, & totally agree with your take on TTH!

  3. Oh I know, some women just bring out the desire to emulate. I’ve had every hair color except that shade of red, daring but oh so cool!
    I get it!

  4. I always go to the salon with the best intentions of doing something radical, and then leave with the same look (having tried it and failed more times than I care to recount here). The moral of the story is clearly, you can wear pretty much anything as long as you have a ladylike Celine clutch. Words to live and shop by.

  5. I have come quite close to her beautiful red hair but always pulled back, I’m not an editor yet! But she absolutely pulls it off so well and makes it look perfectly effortless.

  6. the fear of salons …

    red hair is amazing.

    dealing with roots and fear.

  7. everydayglamour

    Once I went in for a “chestnut gloss” and came out with “strawberry cool-aid”. 🙂
    Style Souk, I love your brilliant way with words!

  8. Her hair and that clutch? Perfection.
    My hair? Without color for over a year now – dark brown.

    Having been a redhead and a platinum blond and pretty much everything in between (even a short magenta stint – oh the follies of youth!), Tomasi definitely bids me to consider something new. Something with an edge…

    Don’t worry. Not magenta.

  9. She looks so fabulous, the hair stands out… and I want her leather jacket. No I NEED it. Can you tell me where it is from?

    I admit I’m a little scared of hairdressers and dying my hair. I’ve only found one hairdresser I loved, no-one else knows how to cut layers for my curly hair as I like it. I leave like a poodle or Shirley Temple. Having said that, I’ve vowed not to go grey, so I need to try this….

    I’m very interesting to hear more about Mariah’s new ideas, too…… hmm Ms Mariah?


  10. She is really lovely and your writing is wonderful.

  11. Great post! I have wanted to have a full look at that Balenciaga grey and green skirt even since I spotted it on Jak and Jil blog, so thank you. 🙂 Have a lovely day!

  12. Amazing style!! Really inspiring!!! Need to have that clutch!



  13. Her hair is lovely. I tried dyeing mine that colour last year (well, the picture on the packet was that colour), but it turned out reddish brown 😦

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