Interview Magazine: And why are all the hot chicks over 30?

Kate Moss: Oh, you’re sweet.  Well, really, I think it’s because we know.  We have experience.

Interview Magazine: Older women can talk.

Kate Moss: I could talk when I was 20. I’m alot better in the sack now.

Perhaps there are advantages to this turning thirty lark…?



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8 responses to “Sex

  1. Well I’m awake now…holy *hit woman!! A little nudity after lunch is my caffeine.

  2. Bayswater Girl

    F@ck, Kate is AMAZING!

    Just noticed the comment when I’m hovering over her picture. You’re cracking me up!!! 😉


  3. I absolutely loved that editorial of Kate Moss from Vogue Hommes International – she rocks the beach like nobody else. I know this sounds odd but she is one of the few models who looks better nude. This editorial didn’t make me think of sex but more like “dear God, please let me have a body like that just for one day!!”. Once I turn 30, I hope I have the opportunity to use that line! Hehe : )

    @Bayswater Girl – love the hovering comment too! Classic Style Souk humour!

    PS – haven’t seen a KM editorial for a while, need one!

  4. Suddenly being 30 has just been kicked up a notch. WOOOOW!


  5. samanthavance

    do guys get better when they turn 30 too? :]

    Love the photo!!

  6. Kate Moss. Hm…she’ll get hers, her and that smug, skinny body someday. That’s all I have to say. But she does have quite a mouth on her.

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