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Short Change

After seemingly endless days of packing – three Mulberry cases for me, one knackered rucksack in its dotage for Napoleon – the boy and I are abandoning our corporate hamster wheels and succumbing to wanderlust.

There’s a clue to our holiday destination in the vintage picture above.

I shall return here – loquacious as ever and excited for the international fashion weeks – in tens days.  You’re all invited.  Bright eyes and bushy tails will be the dress code.

I’ll see you then, x



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Vogue.  Kate Moss.  Beautifully Disarrayed.  ‘Don’t Give a F*ck’ Insouciance. 

Maddening perfection.



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All the Best

Chanel Paradoxal – A preternatural hybrid of greyed plum so extraordinary, I bought two bottles // Hanneli \\ Hummingbird Bakery Black Bottom cupcakes // ‘Masters of Fashion Illustration’ by David Downton \\ Eyebrow threading by Vaishaly PatelOuch! But farewell Sasquatch // September Issues.

Redhook – from the people behind Milk & Honey and Giant Robot, the pre-dinner cocktails (served in pretty vintage glasses) are killer… as are the scallops in a good, non food-poisoning way! // By Terry Baume de Rose \\ ‘ Grace Kelly: Style Icon’  exhibit – Closes on September 26, so hurry thee to the V&A // Liquorice Allsorts.

Packing for my holidays – Does a suitcase exist with capacity for my entire wardrobe? // Dior Nude Foundation \\ Magpie Utopia – ‘Roberta by Olivia Palermo’ jewellery designs arrive at Matches // Dusk picnics \\ Inception – DiCaprio.  A little bloated.  I still would. // My new Freja B inspired hair \\ Fumoir Bar.


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Yo Momma

See that Love cover down there?  The one with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?


Gisele can bring the A-game so much better.

|Fashion Gone Rogue|


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The New Look

The audaciously talented Tommy Ton, of Jak & Jil, has compiled a photo essay to chronicle the new age of minimalism augured by Phoebe Philo – and her triumphal second act on the stage of fashion.

I was too young to remember the pared-down aesthetic first popularised in the early Nineties, but not so old as to forget her time as creative director at Chloé when the air seemed sonorous with the dullened ‘clunk-clop, clunk-clop’ of waifish girls in heavy wooden wedges.

With the mantra “Strong, Powerful, Reduced,” Philo wiped the slate clean at Celine and is doing the same with our wardrobes. 

Her designs – clean of geometry and characterised by flat planes of fabric in navy, utility green, white, and spun sugar – have not only captured the fashion flock but, instinctively, define the women of Philo’s generation and how they really live.

To view the ‘Philophiles’ photo essay in all its clean and abstemious beauty, dance your (wedge encumbered?) feet here, next here, and finally here.

|Jak & Jil|


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Purple Rain

Come the winter – whilst awaiting couriers bearing new season gifts from Net-a-Porter better than frankincense and myrhh – my impatiently tapping fingers will be coated in the deepest twilight purple of Yves Saint Laurent’s Belle du Nuit.



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Uptown Girl

I have been sitting (figuratively, of course!) on these pictures for the past week.

Wanting to share.

Yet, not wanting to share.

Why might a girl – ordinarily not backwards in coming forwards (especially after six two cocktails) – have been so tentative?


Those more beady-eyed amongst you will realise that Missy Palermo features here with boring regularity, and so – in endlessly banging on about the same old celebrities – I feared the risk of sounding like Grazia.

But what the heck…

There are worse things in life, right?  Being compared to Woman’s Own, rather than Grazia, for example.

Captured for an ASOS cover editorial, these images of my favourite trendmaker are much too lovely to remain forever hidden on my MacBook and – if nothing else – the extraordinary vision of Olivia wearing Converse is too rare a sighting not to share.

|The Fashion Spot|


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