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The Blues

This is perhaps only my perception – and, frankly, what do I know? – but it sometimes seems that Cruise and Resort collections excite remarkably scant attention.

Well, let’s remember, we are all supposed to be on holiday and really not giving a f*ck anyway!

With the Sénéquier Café in St-Tropez its illustrious background, the Chanel 2011 Cruise collection was unveiled last week, and – as the luxe bohemian aesthetic and diaphanous psychedelic dresses left me cold – I too, a girl of ordinarily so very many words, have struggled to muster commentary.

Whilst the characterful and eclectic mix of models – including a deliciously Rubenesque Crystal Renn and gap-toothed Georgia May Jagger reincarnated as a teenage Brigitte Bardot – inspired a little, my interest was piqued for one exceedingly small and powder blue reason.

The nail colour.

I will only follow a trend if Peter Philips commands me. 

It might explain why, as a girl who once believed that nail polish beyond classic red was simply fashion vagary, I often sport a number of his kaleidoscopic creations from the cadaverous mushroom of Particuliere to the neon shock of Nouvelle Vague.

My past experiences of trying to source a cult Chanel colour – having been one of the first to join Selfridge’s wait list for the aforementioned Nouvelle – taught that demand will be maddeningly high when bottles of this as-yet unnamed “blue anise” arrive on beauty counters next winter. 

So consider this a call to rally… and stop twiddling those prettily painted thumbs!

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