Little Bardot

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12 responses to “Little Bardot

  1. Oh Georgia! This look is so right for her. How did I miss this? Beautiful!

  2. Oh, these are lovely, the looks in the first two especially. And I’d like to style my hair such as hers, for a day, except I suspect it wouldn’t stay in place for more than a minute!

    Thank you kindly for your comment, I’m flattered, though I do hope I didn’t make you cry too much, my friend.

    Much merriment to you and yours for the new year!


  3. Q

    I absolutely love the pictures. The outfits are gorgeous.

  4. Such beautiful photos.
    Georgia May looks stunning!

    Fernanda Lucila

  5. beautiful photos..beautiful girl.
    How can I achieve this look for my hair tomorrow for NYE? I will give it a good “go” but doubt it will turn out ANYTHING like the above photos. argh.

  6. Love. Love. LOVE. I adore anything Bardot or inspired by her (I’m no Francophile or anything… (; ).

    Thank you for leaving the sweetest comments on my blog, you always bring a smile to my face! I’ve been busy for the past few months – blame college – so it’s finally a relief being able to stop by & properly thank you (:

    bises ! xx

  7. I love the deliberate trashiness.

  8. Georgia May Jagger can do no wrong in my book!! Such a mix of sweet and sultry, this girl definitely has “it”.

  9. beautiful!! wish I could look like that!

  10. She’s just gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for posting these! Total inspiration!

  11. hermes1234

    She’s just gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for posting these! Total inspiration!

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