I’ve tried to keep my fiancé  – the short, bossy, and aptly titled Napoleon – under wraps, but The Sartorialist has other plans…

|The Sartorialist|


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9 responses to “Napoleon

  1. Dying at the cuteness. I want to see what (no doubt chic) mama is wearing!

  2. oh he is such a cutie!

  3. Brit Girl

    OMG Cuteness!!

    Just noticed there’s funny comments when my mouse hovers over your pictures! 😉

  4. this is UNREAL. My son would tear those knee socks right down…but one picture in an outfit like that would make mama so happy..this is SO darn cute.

  5. HOW gorgeous?!! Definitely cooler than my boyfriend. And basically everyone I know. Blog is looking fabulous lady! xx

  6. isnt he the most adorable kid ever!!!! when i first saw the pic on Sartorialist I smiled…..too cute…

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