Emperor’s New Clothes

Are clothes more than mere articles of cotton, velvet and lace?

When David Cameron – and his Bullingdon Club chums – smashed up private dining rooms and restaurants it was passed off as boyish “high jinks” and escaped criminal sanction.

Yet, when students – and academics – march on the issue of university fees they are detained in police kettles, beaten and criminalised.

Perhaps if student protesters wore the “Buller” tailcoat – and paid their way out of trouble like Cameron, George Osborne, Boris Johnson et al once did – they wouldn’t meet with the police truncheon?


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4 responses to “Emperor’s New Clothes

  1. L

    Fair point. The English class system refuses to die. And perhaps the students and profs would be able to afford top hats and fresh floral boutonnieres if only their fees weren’t being increased whilst their wages decreased.


  2. Brit Girl

    Sad there’s a double standard…..

  3. LACY

    love this post it really adresses not only a point of education in the english system but class and education all over the world.


  4. I think that there are more than clothes that were behind the excuse of “high jinx”, but proper clothes always DO help with just about anything.

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