Christmas List

Dear Santa,

Long time no hear!

What must it have been?  A year?

I can’t say that I’ve been a good girl since we last corresponded. 

I neglect my blog.  Sometimes, after a tediously long day at work, I rub my food baby tummy to get a seat on the tube.  And, last night, I deliberately stole the duvet from a sleeping Napoleon.

So, no. 

I’m not an awfully good girl. 

But surely to lie and pretend otherwise would damn me even more?

I will try to be better and, were you to find the charity to forgive my all-too-many misdemeanors, it would be delightful to find this Yves Saint Laurent ‘Chyc’ handbag beneath the tree on Christmas morning. 

Matches have some in stock – with complimentary rooftop parking –  and you’ll find their address details here

Of course, I promise not to use my bag for wicked means such as beating aside other shoppers in the January sales.

In hope,

Sarah x

P.S: Whilst loathe to resort to blackmail, there’ll be extra mince pies in this for you – and carrots for Rudolf – if you can see me right.


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8 responses to “Christmas List

  1. HAHA!
    I Love this and what a perfect bag!!!

    come follow me around the world!

    xoxo SUMMER

  2. Bayswater Girl

    You make me cry with laughter & this is a beautiful bag. I hope Santa brings it to you!! 🙂

  3. That Milla has such great taste in blogs, I always discover the best through her! I LOVE your blog too, and taste in bags, this YSL number has been on my wish list for quite some time (though I think I’ll go with the black- should Santa be listening). Thanks for stopping by!

  4. i want this one too 🙂 not a fan of designer handbags (yes, really! i do like designer shoes though) but if someone would get me this beauty i wouldn’t complain ;))

    like your blog!

  5. can you try for two and throw one my way!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, so nice to hear you are enjoying the Advent Calendar, keep checking back to see what is behind each day’s door!

  6. I hope he listens! The bag is so gorgeous and classic, Santa really should put it under the tree for you…


  7. Love, love, love!! How gorgeous is this bag!? Santa, please listen to Sarah – she deserves it!

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