Big Number, Right? 

Thirty.  Three Zero.  30. 

I understand the monumental enormity of this number better than most – not as a mathematician – but as one approaching her thirtieth birthday.*

Whilst I attempt to fathom what this coming of (old) age means for the future – Botox?  Whiskers sprouting from my chin?  Sneeze-and-they’ll-Break hips? A free bus pass? – thoughts also turn to my party.  And more especially, the frock in which to begin another decade.

With Napoleon’s feverish talk of babies (insert: scream) and finally setting a date for our wedding (insert: second scream), the dress worn to celebrate my birthday next year may be Vera Wang… or simply patterned with baby chuck-up. 

Shouldn’t the one I wear this year be particularly special, therefore?

My eyes and credit card wander to Helmut Lang.  What do you think?  Is such a sexy little number appropriate for an old bird approaching her big number?

Is it helpful to purchase a dress with easy-clean leather panels from which to wipe my ‘Loss of Youth’ tears?

*Not sure whether I should confess this… I also happen to be a Scorpio, and so, the astrologically-minded amongst you will know just how closely my big day looms.



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10 responses to “Thirty

  1. I am a fellow Scorpio but alas I have passed the 30 mark. You will definitely make this birthday extra special with this purchase, although it will surely be surpassed if you buy Vera next year!

    Lovely blog!

  2. Scorpios rule!!!

    And this dress is amazing. Actually a friend of mine (who just turned a little over 30 -I know she’ll love me for saying this -) has bought it and it looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Get it girl, you deserve it and it will still look good on you when you turn 70!


    Le Choix Trois
    Fashion is all about choices. What will you choose?

  3. Bayswater Girl

    You HAVE to tell us when it’s your birthday! I want to wish you a happy one!! 🙂

    This dress is AMAZING GORGEOUS AMAZING, you’ll definitely be the belle of the party!!


  4. Definitely do it!!! It’s fabulous. When exactly is your birthday? I love Scorpios 🙂

  5. What a great post on a topic I can really relate to. I will turn 30 in July, and although ageing does scare me, the expectation of what 30 year old should have done/should be doing does. Already people start to go on about your biological clock, and if you’re a career-woman, that only adds more confusion.

    I am so, so happy you’ve set a wedding date. Care to share with us? When I caught my connection from London this morning, I stopped off in WH Smith and found myself engrossed in ‘You and Your Wedding’ magazine (3 months after my wedding…). Enjoy this happy time!

    Treat yourself, you’re only 30 once! I have a major treat planned for myself : )


  6. Welcome to the club! Having passed this milestone unharmed earlier this year, I know you will be just fine. Thank you for your very sweet comment on the weekend, about our little house. But I have an admission- we rent it! IF ONLY WE OWNED IT! Raising a glass to more lovely fashion posts from you, and Happy Birthday for soon xxx

  7. Kb

    Get it, get it, get it, get it! I hope I can buy something as fabulous at 30! In fact maybe every year after 25 i’ll treat myself to something special. Can’t wait to see pics when you buy it (hint, hint).

  8. Ooh darling, Happy nearly Birthday!! And if you’re a scorpio, that means it very, very close!!

    A fabulous dress is completely obligatory, as is a brilliant party and a week of being spoiled by the man.

    P.S. I have missed you ever so! Email me asap so we can have a big ranty catch-up! P.S. Are you in Cambridge? I’m working here now too so am around a lot more.

    Hope everything is great!

    Briony xx

  9. Amazing!!!

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