Uptown Girl

I have been sitting (figuratively, of course!) on these pictures for the past week.

Wanting to share.

Yet, not wanting to share.

Why might a girl – ordinarily not backwards in coming forwards (especially after six two cocktails) – have been so tentative?


Those more beady-eyed amongst you will realise that Missy Palermo features here with boring regularity, and so – in endlessly banging on about the same old celebrities – I feared the risk of sounding like Grazia.

But what the heck…

There are worse things in life, right?  Being compared to Woman’s Own, rather than Grazia, for example.

Captured for an ASOS cover editorial, these images of my favourite trendmaker are much too lovely to remain forever hidden on my MacBook and – if nothing else – the extraordinary vision of Olivia wearing Converse is too rare a sighting not to share.

|The Fashion Spot|


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9 responses to “Uptown Girl

  1. I really think these are some of the best pictures of her I have ever seen. I tore the plastic off the Mag when it arrived to get a good look at the girl I love to hate! (blame The City).

  2. Oh I blogged about this too! Such a great shoot

  3. Hello darling, I’m back! My you have been busy – I love every single post!!

    And don’t worry, I can’t get enough of her either. I’m especially loving these pics post- my NYC jaunt!

    Briony xx


  4. Kb

    It’s ridiculous how amazing she always looks…now i’m her age i’d like some of her aura to rub off on me.
    Believe me my life isn’t always fun! My wooden bangle rarely leaves my wrist and is from the Topshop sale, many moons ago.

    Kb from I Want You To Know

  5. That first shot – incredible. She’s fantastic in front of the camera. ❤

    And hey – thanks for dropping by my blog in return and leaving the sweetest comment ever. You're on my Bloglines feed, now, and I'll surely be around. 😉

  6. love this shoot!! it’s somehow totally her style but totally not. i wish we got to see what she was really like in the city, i hope that wasn’t truly how she is in real life! did you see the video of this shoot on youtube? she’s such a good model. i wonder if she’ll be at lfw again this year!xx

  7. wow, you’re right about the converse, so unexpected of her but it still works! x

  8. ciaraLE

    YES YES YES! I about fell in love when I saw these images. OH OH OLIVIA.


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