For those wise souls amongst you who can’t ever be arsed to read my words…

|Fashion Gone Rogue|


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8 responses to “Monochrome

  1. Vedrana

    wonderful…dramatic and just cool. love the make up, thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Stunningly beautiful! And I can always be arsed to read your words! Thank you for your email – it made me smile loads! I will get around to replying this week, promise! Just wanted to drop by to say hi so you don’t think I have forgotten. xxx

  3. Amazing photos! She is stunning..


  4. Like Amanda, I too can always be arsed to read your words!! But nonetheless, loving these pictures. Mind if I steal one?

    Talk soon xx

  5. Ree

    Beautiful pics.

    But I CAN be arsed to read your stuff!!!


  6. love this editorial ❤

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog – your blog is superb and it's now certainly one of my haunts – thanks for introducing it to me!

  7. Sarah, I love to read your words too! But I also love to drool over some of the a-mazing pictures on here too :). The first outfit is definitely my favourite..the leather, the stockings, the waistcoat – amazing!

    Hope you have a bloody brilliant weekend too gorgeous!

    Eve Janine

  8. Such an incredible editorial. I really adore the white pleated trousers!

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