Dear Clemence

I write this from London where I slowly evanesce in a heat unbeknownst even to Hades.

I have lost my fashion mojo.  I look a mess.  I may even be a little soggy.

And there you are.

Breezing nonchalantly through these molten days of summer with your irresistible brand of chic. Cool and sanguine in a little Chanel frock.

For the sake of the sisterhood – and, frankly, my self-esteem – might you bring it down a notch and stop looking so damn perfect?

Yours in envy,

Sarah x

|Street fsn|


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4 responses to “Dear Clemence

  1. Georgia

    This made me laugh SO much! She does look great.


  2. Eve Janine

    Hahaha, absolutely brilliant! She’s annoyingly perfect.

    Your writing is really good, Sarah 🙂

  3. Haha, you actually made me laugh out loud! How do they do it? I’m currently having visions of myself prancing around New York in a week looking like Monica from Friends when they all went to Barbados (and she had hair the size of Tasmania in the humidity).

    Miss B xx

  4. Mrs C

    You tickled my humor! Thank you!

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