Dear Clemence

I write this from London where I slowly evanesce in a heat unbeknownst even to Hades.

I have lost my fashion mojo.  I look a mess.  I may even be a little soggy.

And there you are.

Breezing nonchalantly through these molten days of summer with your irresistible brand of chic. Cool and sanguine in a little Chanel frock.

For the sake of the sisterhood – and, frankly, my self-esteem – might you bring it down a notch and stop looking so damn perfect?

Yours in envy,

Sarah x

|Street fsn|


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4 responses to “Dear Clemence

  1. Georgia

    This made me laugh SO much! She does look great.


  2. Hahaha, absolutely brilliant! She’s annoyingly perfect.

    Your writing is really good, Sarah 🙂

  3. Haha, you actually made me laugh out loud! How do they do it? I’m currently having visions of myself prancing around New York in a week looking like Monica from Friends when they all went to Barbados (and she had hair the size of Tasmania in the humidity).

    Miss B xx

  4. Mrs C

    You tickled my humor! Thank you!

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